Sample Sites

Below are some samples of actual sites we have built, using our local SEO services. Click the image to go to the site!

  • This site debuted early 2010 and has been number #1 on Google for well over a year for Durham Pressure Washing
  • St Croix Concepts
  • This site below is several years old and never ranked higher than 68 by google. It is now ranked number #1 or #2 in Google for many key search terms.
  • Precision Pressure Wash
  • Buck's Pest Control had used yellow pages to build their original site. They paid monthly for the site and it never ever ranked in the top 1000 on google for all key search terms. It ranked first for many search phrases and on the first page for a many more. The company has since been sold to Orkin!
  • Bucks Pest Control

Unlimited Plumbing is a new website and in just a couple months is already in the first page of Google for several keyword searches such as "best Raleigh plumbing"

Raleigh Plumbing

Ranking in the high 30's just three weeks ago this site is now on the first page of Google for many different keyword search terms

Raleigh shower enclosure


This webiste has yet to rank in the top 1000 in Google, so check it out soon and see the progress

Raleigh SAT tutoring

I am looking to add a few salespeople. Please email your resume today

Premier CONTRACTOR SEO Services and web site design

Having a web site is great, but if it is not optimized to bring in leads or customers, then you have paid a lot of money and received no return on your investment. The reasons for this are varied but one thing is certain, without SEO (search engine optimization) your web site is probably not even showing up in the top 1000 in a google search

Would you pay $700.00 for 1,200 leads? That's just under 2.00 a lead this year, but next year it is already paid for so the cost is virtually nothing. I have a vast experience in building web sites for local businesses who are looking to do business within the region they reside. Search engine ranking is a critical aspect of any internet marketing program.

Years ago everyone used the phone book's Yellow Pages to find a painter, or a plumber, a florist or a pawn shop, and everything in between. Today the vast majority of consumers who are looking to purchase your product are simply searching on google, or finding an ad as they browse the internet. For example if they want a plumber they might choose Raleigh Plumbers or for art work they might look up under Raleigh art dealers, or Raleigh artists. The good news is unlike the yellow pages which unless you pay big dollars for placement, everything is listed alphabetically. The google search results works on an algorithm designed to match as closely as possible what the person typed into the search box. So even if your company name is X-ray Plumbers, you can still come up first in the results for Raleigh Plumbers, because your site best matches the search terms according to google.

And that's where my company SEORaleigh excels. We understand what google needs to rate your site at or near the top of the search engine results for keyword terms. And not only can we taylor a web site to bring in increased traffic through searches, we can drill down to those consumers who are looking to buy, versus those who are just kicking the tires.

Now is the time to contact us and we can sit down with you and go over what exactly you want from your web site. Even if you already have a web site, you can use our services to either tweak your existing site or generate a new "killer selling machine" web site. Often times a small business will want more than one web site. Each optimized to do specific things such as, one site for corporate presence, one for sales, and one for technical support. Each site has a different focus and a different set of viewers. One catch all site is not going to please any of them. Why not take a moment and go to our contact page and complete the form so we can contact you and do a complete evaluation for you. Our consultants are experienced in what works and what doesn't work. Give us a few moments of your time and you can find the power of the internet.


unhappy with your Current web site?

I actually design and build fully functional "selling machine" web sites that generally are on the first page of search results on google. Most times they are in the top three or four. One example is Monsoon Pressure Washing, you will find it comes up #1 in google for the keyword search phrase Durham pressure washing. Now do the same local search on your site (Use your cosest city, and the keywords for the product you sell) does it come up in the top 1,000? Click on this link Google Rank Checker to find out where or if your site is showing in the top 1000 on google

Having your site show on the first page in a google search can make a huge difference between having a web site and having an internet market presence that can generate upwards of a thousand leads or more annually. I have been able to generate in excess of 1,500 leads annually for several types of contractor web sites.

Many small businesses hear all about the internet and how they need to have a web site. And that is true but just having a web site and having a web site that generates hundreds or thousands of local leads is like night and day. It compares to someone who advertises with a truck sign versus someone who advertises on TV. Naturally the guy who advertises on TV is going to generate substantially more business. The difference on the internet though is that you do NOT have to pay huge amounts of money to get the results like you would on TV. You just need someone who knows how to get your web site into the top page for key local search terms, such as Raleigh Decks, or Raleigh Sun Rooms. And then once there you need to motivate the potential customer to provide the lead. I know how to generate leads, I have done it more than once. And I understand how to make it easy for a potential customer to want to find out more from you, hence the quality lead.

Let me give you an example of what I mean. of the people who search under the keyword sunrooms, there is an 85% chance they are looking to buy. However if someone is searching under the keywords Raleigh sunrooms, there is a 99% chance they are looking to buy. Or using decks keyword a 79% buy interest versus 97% buying rate for keyword search term Raleigh decks. By optimizing your site for specific keywords that buying internet users would search for can greatly impact the quality of the viewer to your site and the resulting leads generated. I use these keyword search terms as an example. Your business will have it's own keywords and is not just for contractors. Any local business can use my services I would love to sit down with you and discuss how I can make your site come up in the first page for key search results. You can reach me at 919-825-3891